Clever Mix of Technologies
Direct Systems Integration
Exceptional Design Freedom
Smart Hybrid Applications

Solutions through direct integration of functional components.

Market-base innovations à la PARAT.

We develop and produce tomorrow’s innovative system components with direct integration of functions. Advanced technologies ensure efficient production processes at comparatively low project costs.

A perfect solution for every demand.

INTELLIGENT all-round solutions

direct integration of functions

full design flexibility

innovative hybrid applications

Intelligent all-round solutions thanks to a clever technology portfolio

Based on the specific customer requirements, individual components can be produced using different technologies and effectively assembled to one system unit afterwards.


CLEVER integration of functions directly on the component

Through a targeted integration of functions we are able to reduce system complexity and at the same time increase process efficiency. Instead of working with a variety of individual parts in traditional production processes, we attach new features directly to the component. The option of directly integrate functional elements offers almost unlimited freedom to the designer and also minimizes total project costs.funktionsintegration1

Limitless ENGINEERING and integrated mechanical solutions

Backfoaming of thermoformed films allows unlimited scope for design even on the inside surface of the trim part. Our highly skilled engineers and designers work out customized solutions for varying wall thicknesses. Domes, ribs and other static and functional elements on the component are attached directly to the inside of the part.

Paving new way through hybrid technologies

Special applications call for customized solutions. Plastic components with unique specifications are completely coated with plastic using a separate core material, e.g. metal for higher strength, to suit your very specific needs. In spite of extremely high rigidity on the component surface, the RIM procedure is perfectly suited to meet highest aesthetic standards.

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