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Thermoforming Technology.

We have been supplying our established customers for many years now with interior and exterior trim parts across all industries of vacuum thermoforming. PARAT covers process steps with the help of state-of-the-art milling robots, finishes components by use of exact contour milling and completes the respective assembly group.
TF stands for a traditional, cost-attractive and reliable process suited for medium quantities.
We can look back on 40 years of experience in the field of thermoforming. A total of 13 high-tech thermoforming units are in daily use at our global production network.
PARAT means: exceptional know-how coupled with a wide practical experience in the thermoforming industry.

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TF Benefits




economic benefits

PARAT ensures process-optimized and attractive component costs in the area of thermoforming technology. Comparably low tool investment keeps us a step ahead.

quality benefits

TF technology ensures optimal component quality even in large quantities and a comparatively great deal of design freedom. Plastic components produced in a thermoforming process offer the advantage of low specific weight.

visual benefits

High-class and weight-optimized components with high UV and scratch resistance are the result of this thermoforming technology.
Moreover, double shell thermoforming solutions guarantee a high level of stability for daily operations.

TF Solutions

high level of design freedom

premium surfaces

high degree of rigidity

constant product quality

high level of design freedom

Traditional manufacturing methods highly limit designers’ freedom when it comes to product branding.
The thermoforming technology gives almost free rein to our creativity when realizing your trim components.
Modular plant concepts ensure the greatest possible flexibility in engineering design along with high process reliability.

premium surfaces

With the vacuum thermoforming technique we are able to realize various high-quality surfaces.
High-grade PMMA-ABS plastics guarantee the required surface quality at maximum formability.
The process creates a range of first-class options for PARAT, such as high-quality, glossy, scratch-resistant and UV-proof surfaces.

high degree of rigidity

Thermoformed trim parts show high resistance against aggressive media. Our body paneling permanently withstands chemical and organic fertilizers, aggressive cleaners and extreme UV conditions.

constant product quality

Fully automated thermoforming machines with temperature-controlled aluminum tools ensure a high level of reproducibility of high-quality trim components. Our thermoforming procedures are highly efficient, reproducible and reliable production processes – all in all perfectly matched and cross-linked with each other.
We guarantee best component quality even for high quantities.

Creative Surfaces in TF

COEX/TPO film technology

COEX/TPU film technology

Lamination technology

COEX/TPO Film Technology

We offer classical vacuum thermoforming of plastic sheet material with a broad selection of blends and coex film materials based on TPO – also with decorative surfaces.

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COEX/TPU Film technology

We offer classical vacuum thermoforming of plastic sheet material with a broad selection of blends and coex film materials based on TPU – also with decorative surfaces.

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Lamination technology

The innovative One-Shot Technology delivers considerable advantages in the laminating process itself.
Laminating is realized during a pressing process.

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