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As a specialist in high quality plastic paneling, PARAT Group combines the latest technologies with many years of expert knowledge. Thanks to our outstanding technology and surface portfolio we are in a position to deliver convincing solutions with a holistic approach to our customers in the field of plastic composite materials. As a globally active production and development partner with profound experience we guarantee a maximum degree of project quality throughout all development phases.


PARAT has many years of development and production know-how in the field of advanced fiber composites made of plastic. Pioneering innovations, products and customer projects have taken root in sustainable cooperative partnerships in the most diverse research and development sectors, and undoubtedly have a global reach. With more than 50 years of production experience, our newly built Research & Development Center forms the basis for new approaches in the world of plastic technologies.


PARAT’s broad technology and surface spectrum is tuned to special customer demands and enables us to come up with the most different solutions. With a myriad of combination options within different production procedures we keep our customers a step ahead of the competition with stable costs, even when dealing with highly complex specifications. Based on a technology matrix developed in-house, we are in a position to offer highest professionalism and project transparency with maximum customer benefit. We currently manufacture over 120 million components per year, and precisely in sequence through innovative approaches.

PARAT as a technology expert boasts many years of cross-sector know-how when it comes to reliable implementation of components made from fiber composites.

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Our production sites are characterized by high flexibility with maximum efficiency. So today, PARAT’s plant portfolio enables us to select the ideal technology or process technique aiming to provide the best solution possible for our customers’ unique needs. With a strong international presence and the associated production network, we work very closely with our customer base and understand how important this networking is for high quality implementation of advanced plastic composites. The PARAT machinery ensures that every single product reaches the customer functionally tested and exactly in time.

With the world’s largest plant for the production of LFI components, we have confirmed our commitment to lead the field and further strengthened our market position for the future.


We are firmly convinced that holistic innovation approaches in the global context and in perfect interplay with product, process and people will work. At PARAT, a heterogeneous development team of different nationalities is now working towards softening technical restrictions, always taking into account market relevance, acceptance and economic efficiency. Enthusiasm, passion and expertise continuously take us to new smart and sustainable pathways to meet ever-changing product and process requirements.

Committed to PARAT’s philosophy of innovation, we continually strive to become even better.


We see ourselves as a highly proficient technology and service partner. Our highly skilled PARAT team on-site is the first point of contact – from front-end development right through to after-sales support. Depending on customer requirements, we can choose from different service modules such as industrial design or mechanical engineering. This ensures a development and production process tailored to our customers’ needs. What we get is the highest degree of product quality as a result of customized, global and sustainable partnerships.

The synergies from our comprehensive technology expertise and a consistently implemented service philosophy create the best possible product solutions worldwide in the field of smart plastic trim parts.

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With many years of experience in the field of plastic composite technologies, we guarantee the highest standards of product quality throughout all development phases. Our top priority is to offer customized solutions to satisfy your needs on the market – from research and development work right down to customer service (after-sale service).

Our development experts and engineers deliver sophisticated concepts for the most diverse technological approaches. The result is an optimized development process that offers true customer benefits. As a module partner, PARAT manages projects on a global scale – from Class A Engineering up until the point of final assembly.

PARAT’s mix of technologies is based on profound manufacturing experience. Strategic partnerships help us strengthen our technical know-how to bring forth permanent innovation. These synergies can be put to use to deliver smart component solutions.

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