We know why.

Our reasons for choosing PARAT.

We’ve found the job best suited to us and made the most of PARAT’s career opportunities – in accordance with our talents and skills. PARAT provides professional support to get our careers started, it also offers a practical combined vocational training and degree system and a lot of other opportunities for advancement. PARAT is THE employer of choice – we know why!



We really enjoy working with the market leader. In the ’Boxes & Cases’ segment for instance, we work for THE tool case premium brand! Not only just that – but PARAT has much to offer as a technology leader as well. Close cooperation with renowned manufacturers all over the world and trailblazing innovations are also part of the job at PARAT. We are always one length ahead and not only get the best from our products, we also bring out the best in ourselves.


PARAT promotes and strengthens our talents and skills. At the same time, we receive the best possible support from our employer when dealing with our individual weaknesses or handicaps. Those who are looking for advancement will be supported by PARAT – and those who are looking for demanding tasks will be offered new career challenges to take up! Our team consists of very different personality types and each of us makes use of its individual opportunity at PARAT.



PARAT is not just a job for us. In the context of sports events – which, by the way, also help keep us fit – we celebrate corporate successes together with our colleagues. It is not rare to see us conquer mountains and valleys by bike or on foot and later on, we let the day gently fade away. Flexible working hours are a pretty good way to balance family life and professional life. And the pleasant work environment helps relieve stress at work. At PARAT every personality finds the right balance.


We’re at home in Bavaria and present in the world at the same time. Even though we’re planted in Neureichenau, we are active around the globe and serve international customers – whether at other PARAT facilities, at trade fairs or directly at the customer’s premises.


Apprenticeship and trainings

Combined vocational training and degree system


Sebastian, apprentice as a process engineer for plastics and rubber technologies, 2nd year of apprenticeship, knows why!
„In my two years at PARAT, I’ve learned a lot. My colleagues and my trainer are great. They help and support me at any time, we really have a great work environment. To give the plastic its shape, the vast range of technologies and the wide array of plants and machinery at PARAT that I work with every day – that’s what fascinates me. It’s really exciting to see what is possible at our company!“

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If you want to learn more about an apprenticeship or internship at PARAT, just give us a call – we would be happy to advise you personally!

We offer vocational training in the following areas:

  • Process Engineer for plastics and rubber technologies
  • Production Mechanic
  • Logistics Technician
  • Industrial Business Management Assistant
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Electronics Technician for Industrial Engineering
  • Machine and plant operator

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Steffi, student in the combined vocational training and degree system, Industrial Engineering and Management, in her 6th semester, knows why!
„I’m absolutely thrilled by the German ‚Dual System’! I’m studying in line with actual practice and get well and regularly paid for it. Such work-study program is particularly varied and anything but monotonous: I’m at university, I’m with PARAT – theoretical and practical knowledge perfectly combined, I could never get bored!“

You want to combine practical training and academic studies? Start your career with a combined vocational training and degree system!

Course of studies

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Business Administration

Combined study course
Industrial-technical occupations
Duration: 4.5 years
Structure: 1 year at PARAT – regular training
in the following year from 1 October: academic studies
training at PARAT only during semester break

Studies with in-depth practical experience
Commercial occupations
Duration: 3.5 years
structure: practical work at PARAT during semester break

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