Flexible haptics, hybrid und reliable.

RIM Technology.

RIM is an innovative and highly flexible primary shaping process for components made of plastic, preferably from polyurethane.
According to component requirements, a bulk molding compound made of two components is injected into a closed mold using specific additives and cures as a functional part.
RIM is a highly flexible and innovative procedure for a great deal of applications.
PARAT has many years of expertise in the manufacture of RIM components.
Four RIM units manufacture products of the highest quality – day in and day out – also in the field of cutting edge hybrid applications.
The results are sustained and successful relationships with customers across the globe.

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RIM Benefits




economic benefits

Providing thorough and comprehensive advice right at the start of the project, we define component properties tailored to individual needs.
Tangible cost benefits can be achieved through skilful and targeted function and systems integration in combination with the Design-to-Cost method.
What we get is process-optimized and attractive component costs at comparably low tool invest.

quality benefits

High design freedom in the technical implementation plus the option of direct integration of functions and at the same time high mechanical component strength make RIM a leading-edge technology. With the RIM technology, physical advantages such as insulation and weight reduction can be realized through smart component design.

visual benefits

Flexibility in terms of look and feel of surfaces and component structures enable highly innovative hybrid applications with new surface options.
RIM allows maximum variability in the selection of individual surfaces and, at the same time, guarantees optimal process reliability.

RIM Solutions

Mechanical strength

systems integration

creative surfaces

attractive tooling cost

mechanical strength

impact strength

Depending on customer requirement and product specifications, innovative components produced in a RIM process guarantee highly elastic products with high heat resistance.
RIM components remain impact-resistant and flexible even at extreme thermal stress of up to -40°C.

robust structural components

In case of higher demands on components in terms of strength and structural stiffness, a reinforcement component made of high-strength material is encapsulated by the RIM bulk molding compound. This way, the RIM technology covers a broad range of applications for so-called hybrid components.

systems integration

technical integration of functions

Hybrid solutions produced in a RIM process provide for additional mechanical integration of functions. Through partial integration of metal components we are able to map kinematic functions and to realize them in the overall system.
Increased design freedom enable the targeted use of stability features such as ribs and domes.

creative surfaces

solutions for exterior equipment

RIM solutions are used for even the most demanding exterior applications with special requirements in terms of high-value surface feel. Countless features such as brilliant surfaces, can be realized either via PUR In-Mould Coating or with the use of a PUR film.

solutions for interior equipment

Trim parts with highest surface qualities according to automotive standards are produced by means of the RIM technology. In combination with our surface technologies PUR In-Mould Coating or PUR film coating, the RIM technology ensures high degree of flexibility in terms of surface finish. Grained surfaces or innovative soft-touch surfaces for interior applications are the result.

attractive tooling cost

attractive tooling cost at small quantities

RIM technology is known for low tooling cost even in small production quantities.
This procedure provides attractive tooling concepts made of aluminum with a consistently high level of component quality.



PUR flow coating

film & sheeting technology

IN-MOULD processes

In an In-Mold Coating process, a plastic component is coated directly in the mold. In a new process variant, the so-called In-mold Painting, a paint coating is sprayed directly on the mold surface.
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Trendy surfaces with superior look-and-feel of the products are produced by means of the soft-touch film technology and delivers first class results.
This highly reliable process creates surfaces with incredible detail and has become an established technology when it comes to interior equipment.
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PUR Flow coating

The trend to convert new creative designs and ideas into reality calls for a process technology that meets the high demands of designers and can be implemented in an economically feasible way. When using a PUR flow coating procedure, prefabricated structural surfaces are flowcoated with a special PUR mixture to form a so-called skin. The result is a flowing, high-class finish.
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film & sheeting technology

Whether PC-ITR, ASA/PC-PMMA or ABS-PMMA, these films are formed as an outer skin in a vacuum thermoforming process. Afterwards a substrate is applied as backing according to customer requirements.
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