Value-driven. Awareness-creative.

Responsibility at PARAT.

The PARAT Group makes its voice heard through economic actions and technical developments. And not only when it comes to living and working conditions of its employees, but also in contact with customers and environment in the economic context. The responsibility that comes with it is not just a social obligation for PARAT. Rather, we see fair and sustainable business practices as a vital basis for a promising corporate development.

Code of Conduct

As a binding guideline, the Code of Conduct describes a standard of good conduct for all people working at PARAT. This Code assumes ethically and legally correct behavior in our activities with partners, customers and competitors. All PARAT staff members agree to comply with the regulations set out.


Our goal is to ensure lawfulness of all activities within the PARAT Group through observance of rules, including laws (such as occupational safety, foreign trade laws, data protection, product liability, environmental legislation etc.), contractual obligations as well as corporate code of conduct and guidelines. All these items are reflected in the compliance management.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to:

  • performing all our activities in compliance with the legal requirements to foster a corporate culture with high ethical standards
  • placing fair and cooperative handling of our employees, owners, customers, suppliers, partners and interested parties at the center of how we think and what we do
  • ensuring the identification, assessment, inventory-taking and monitoring of potential compliance risks
  • taking suitable measures to counteract any compliance risks

The Compliance Management System and the provisions in this Management Handbook apply throughout the whole Parat Beteiligungs GmbH including its subsidiary companies.

Health and Safety at Work

Our purpose is to create and maintain a safe and health-promoting work environment in order to safeguard the company’s long-term business future. We take care of our responsibility with respect to our employees and the society, which is our number one priority.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to:

  • complying with all binding commitments such as applicable laws, regulations, occupational health and safety requirements imposed by law and insisting that our own employees comply with these standards
  • creating safe and healthy working conditions designed to prevent accidents in the work place and risk to health from occupational factors
  • removing hazards and minimizing risks to the health and safety of workers
  • continually improving the management system for safety and health at work
  • supporting to consult and involve employees

Our interest in promoting a safe and healthy working environment encompasses both our employees, visitors, suppliers and the overall communities that neighbor our sites.


By systematic establishment and control of our processes and their interactions, we aim to constantly improve our capabilities to provide products on an on-going basis that exactly meet our customers‘ needs and comply with applicable statutory and official requirements. Zero-Defect-Policy and enhanced customer satisfaction are essential priorities in this respect.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to:

  • fulfilling applicable requirements such as relevant laws, regulations, customer requirements and contractual obligations towards interested parties
  • determining and handling of risks and opportunities for the QMS
  • promoting a customer-driven mindset throughout the whole PARAT Group
  • supporting continuous improvement of the QMS

The quality management comprises all organizational and technical measures which serve for creating and preserving the conceptual and high-performance quality in all levels of the PARAT Group and is the concern of all our employees at all locations.


We regard the protection of our environment and responding to environmental changes in harmony with socio-economic requirements as an integral part of our strategy and help create a future worth living in a sustainable way.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to:

  • conserving the environment through preventing or mitigating adverse environmental impacts
  • observing binding commitments such as laws, regulations, internal guidelines and obligations towards interested parties
  • continually improving our EMS and environmental performance

In order to meet the needs of today’s generation without jeopardizing the ability of future generations, our employees are encouraged to contribute to the environmental ‘pillars’ of sustainability in all their activities at all sites of the PARAT Group.


We use energy carefully and economically and strive to continually improve our energy-related performance (energy efficiency, use of energy and energy consumption).

Therefore, we commit ourselves to:

  • securing the availability of information and resources needed
  • observing binding commitments such as applicable laws, regulations, internal guidelines and obligations towards interested parties with regard to energy efficiency, use of energy and energy consumption
  • continually improving our energy-related performance and corporate EnMS
  • taking into account the energy efficiency during procurement of products, supply of services and design-relevant activities that may have an impact on our energy-related performance

Our interest to contribute to the preservation of our environment in a sustainable manner through energy management applies to all employees at all locations of PARAT Group.